The Almi Procedure is a Natural alternative to dermal fillers using your own fat.

The ALMI procedure is the All Natural and All Me alternative to dermal fillers. ALMI and Well Medical Arts can take a decade off your looks without ever going under the knife.

By age 40, most people have up to 20% collagen loss, and by age 50 there can be 30% collagen loss. To replace this loss in volume and restore the skin and youthful appearance to a younger state, the volume and structure must be rebuilt. Using a combination of the body’s regenerative cells and fat tissue, ALMI offers complete rejuvenation and natural looking result. Almi is the all natural Filler alternative.  All of this, without going under the knife!

ALMI can help treat:

  • Fine lines and shallow look of skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Sunken appearance under the eyes
Almi procedure full face rejuvenation with stem cells from fat transfer.

ALMI as you own Natural Dermal Filler

The ALMI procedure uses your own fat tissues to restore volume, texture and tone to collagen-depleted skin on the face and hands, if needed. This innovative procedure is offered in an outpatient visit that takes about an hour, with minimal to no downtime. Improvements to your look and your skin can be seen shortly after the procedure is done and may keep improving over a period of a few weeks. Most patients are able to return to normal activities right after treatment.


Call our patient care coordinators at 206-935-5689 to schedule your appointment to learn more about the this procedure.

Almi procedure hand rejuvenation with stem cells from fat transfer.

Where do stem cells come from?

There are primarily three types of stem cells used for treatments: embryonic, umbilical, and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are derived from embryos.  Embryonic stem cell therapy is burdened with ethical and political issues.  We do NOT use embryonic stem cells.  Umbilical therapy is difficult and labor intensive.

At Well Medical Arts we only use adult stem cells derived from the patient’s own body fat cells. Adult stem cells exist throughout the body but are the most abundant (and accessible) in the abdominal fat area.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that maintain and repair tissues. Stem cells are unique in that they have the potential to develop into many different types of cells. In tissue and hair regeneration, stem cells induce changes, behavior, or differentiation of adjacent cells by Paracrine signaling. Stem are injected into the scalp and are believed to exert a paracrine effect by inducing hair cells to become more active.

What is Stem Cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the process of isolating adult stem cells from abdominal fat and reintroducing them into the body where they can do the most good. The process begins with extracting a few ounces of fat from the patient in a “mini” liposuction procedure. Once the fat is removed, the stem cells are isolated utilizing the state-of-the-art Healeon Medical CENTRIcyte 1000 Centrifuge.

Once isolated, the stem cells are then re-introduced to the body for more localized treatments. Some offices may treat patients with local treatments in the knee, shoulder and other joints. Stem cells can also be applied to the face, neck and scalp using a micro-needle system to give you a more healthy and youthful look. The treatments are outpatient procedures conducted in a sterile environment in your doctor’s office utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Under local anesthesia, the process is relatively painless and safe with minimal downtime.

How long does the Liposuction take?

The “mini” liposuction only takes about 20 minutes. Once the fat has been extracted, the patient can relax while the stem cells are isolated.

Will there be a scar?

You may have small “punch” marks that look similar to small moles. Following the procedure careful care will help minimize the scar tissue

What happens after the liposuction?

Following your  mini liposuction, the medical staff will isolate your stem cells while you wait. The process typically can take up to 20 minutes.

What happens after the Stem Cells have been isolated?

Once your stem cells have been isolated, your provider will inject stem cells directly into the area of concern.  This may include application to the face, neck or scalp for cosmetic purposes.

How long does the entire procedure take?

Most patient procedures will be complete within 2 hours.

Can I go home afterwards?

Stem cell therapy is an outpatient procedure. Patients will be able to go home immediately following completion of the procedure.

Can I go home afterwards?

Stem cell therapy is an outpatient procedure. Patients will be able to go home immediately following completion of the procedure.

How long is the recovery?

Many patients are able to go back to work on the following day. However, you may be sore for about a week following the procedure. We ask you to refrain from excessive exercise for at least a week.

How long does it take to see improvement?

Individual ailments vary and the outcome of stem cell therapy depends on your body’s unique healing process. For patients undergoing the procedure as a natural dermal filler the filler effects will be evident immediately with a second wave coming once the stem cells kick in.  For a hair restoration patient, it may take several months to see any results.  Stem cell therapy for hair loss is very new and no or little published literature exists confirming its efficacy.   No one can guarantee the outcome for this or any stem cell treatment. Each patient is different and results will vary.

How long will it last?

We don’t know at this point in clinical research. Results will vary from patient to patient depending on the degree of hair loss and the natural variation in isolated cells.

Is the Stem Cell isolation procedure FDA approved?

Currently all procedures utilizing stem cells to treat specific ailments are considered investigational. However there are more than 3500 clinical studies being conducted for specific applications and all have demonstrated significant promise in ailments that have otherwise been unresponsive to conventional treatments. The procedures are carried out utilizing FDA cleared and registered equipment and all stem cell therapies fall within the FDA regulations for transferring tissue.

Can you guarantee results?

No treatment can be guaranteed. Results vary from patient to patient. Stem Cell therapy is autologous and safe. It has many demonstrated treatment protocols for numerous medical disorders. Stem cell therapy is new to hair restoration surgery and very little published material is available. This procedure is typically used for those patients who are not surgical candidates because they are too young, or are in the early phase of hair loss. Women who suffer from hair loss are also good candidates when hair surgery is not desired or if not enough donor hair exists for hair transplantation.

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